Alumni Reports

I had no idea that my world would be rocked! This challenge is so much more than just giving up sugar, it is really about how you want to live your life! I have struggled with compulsive overeating and food addiction all of my life. The coaching in this program gave me strategies to deal with this rather than just uncovering the reasons for why I do it. I now have many of the quotes memorized and new things open up for me every day. I feel like I have peeled away many layers of the onion in only 30 days! Thanks Barry and Michele for this gift of living a new life!

–Susan Fishman, Leadville, Colorado

I am always leery of programs over the internet – especially when there is money involved. My problem is Fibromyalgia that has aggravated me for years. From many Christmas holidays of being sick and in bed by 6 p.m. with the awful flu-like symptoms, I knew that sugar was a key trigger. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis. For years, everyday has been spent with aching and soreness. But even with all that suffering, I just didn’t know if or how I could give up the sweets that I loved so much! I can honestly say I am absolutely amazed. 30 days & no more aching body! Seriously, this is the first time in years that I wake up with not an ache or pain. What I wrote on our Facebook Group is so true, “There is nothing that tastes as good as being pain free feels!” Thank you for my new lease on life!

– Bonnie Newnam, Piqua, OH

30 Days Sugar Free? In my extremely competitive fashion I said “oh, I could easily do that” and without asking volunteered my husband Chris, too! Now committed, we ventured forth without much understanding of what would happen. To our amazement 6 weeks later are still sugar-free. Barry and Michele have created such a well rounded extraordinarily supportive site; one that speaks to you, literally, and one that collectively shares and feels the struggles and breakthroughs of all of its participants. We shared recipes, words, encouragement and there was never a feeling of “failure”; rather an ongoing journey battling the same need to kick a bad habit. Chris and I found so many ways to eat differently than we had been. It’s incredible to see how many people really want to get away from sugar and just need a little help and support. This is the place to do it. Thank you Barry and Michele for your insight, time and incredible dedication to make a fantastic idea come true!

– Kelly and Chris Cox, Petaluma, CA

The Book

I Love Me More Than Sugar

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“This book offers excellent support to get you off sugar. Barry’s writing style is informative, easy to comprehend and often humorous. I consider myself fairly advanced in the realm of nutritional wisdom, but was never able or willing to kick sugar to the curb until reading this book. I highly recommend!”
-Amazon Reviewer

About The Program

I came here to see if I could cut back on 12 Dr. Peppers a day. Once I started I just got rid of it all the sugar. I'm a new man without any of the pain or swelling!

Chris McDaniels, New York


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