Meet Aimee Jo!

Your Sugar Free BFF


I grew up in a sugar-filled home (in reality, a sugar-filled world) and considered myself above average in the sugar consumption category.

After watching my Gramma Nonnemacher bake sweets during my childhood, I became not only a pretty good baker but also a celebrity-status cake decorator. My specialties included cookies, wedding cakes, cupcakes, birthday cakes, and more.

My love of baking married my love for orphans around the world, and a side business Aimee’s Toffee was birthed to financially support widows and orphans through my father’s nonprofit organization Going Global Inc. Since 100% of the proceeds of my toffee sales help feed, clothe, and educate orphans and widows globally, the people in my community were happy to join in the mission.

While consuming massive amounts of sugar my whole life, in my 50s I was experiencing excess weight, uncontrollable sugar cravings, self-loathing, lethargy, bloating, moodiness, and a bunch of other bad stuff I’d rather not talk about. :0)

Breaking the Addiction

After joking about being a “sugar addict” for years, but never being able to kick the habit, I finally became serious about wanting to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding in 2017. I found 30 Days Sugar Free once again (after signing up years before), and made the decision to stick with my commitment this time. The words Change Takes Change rang loud and clear as I read Barry Friedman’s book I Love Me More Than Sugar and decided to prolong my 30 days sugar free goal to meet my next goal of 90 days sugar free.

It only took until Day 50 of being sugar free for me to realize sugar was my arch nemesis, and there was no going back to the stuff that kept me sick and tired. I officially declared myself to be SFFL—Sugar Free For Life. Of course my family watched closely for my words to fall by the wayside and slip back into my old ways.

But I surprised them all! After taking a break from my baking business for three months, I realized I could not continue to be sugar free and at the same time bake delectable sweets for others. The struggle was real! Throughout my first year of being sugar free, I devoured books, podcasts, websites and conferences regarding living a sugar-free life. I was a prominent member of our Private Facebook Group. My focus changed from helping myself get clean from sugar to helping others get off the stuff too. As I posted about my success on social media, friends and family noticed the changes and asked me to help them get off sugar. The ripple effect was happening! Even my parents, siblings, immediate and extended family got off sugar!

Believe me when I say I understand what you’re going through. I felt the same fears, doubts, and questioning in my mind, wondering if it really is possible to stay away from sugar for a whole month. It is my desire to see everyone who wants to get off sugar be successful. As the Head Coach of 30 Days Sugar Free, I will walk with you day by day through your journey of 30 Days Sugar Free. XOXO

Baking up a Storm...

In the summer of 2014, I appeared on the TV show the Next Great Baker Season 4 with my fabulous baking buddy Jose Barajas. It was an experience of a lifetime! I developed life-long friendships with all of the contestants. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.  You can find posts at #BrownNGB on the internet of Jose's and my work.