Random Benefits of Sugar Free

Every once in a while I scroll through our Secret Facebook Group and grab a few of the posts from people who are in various stages of their journey. It’s a hoot to see the benefits of sugar free living that they never even imagined.

In this recent post I wrote about how sugar free has given me a calm that just won’t fade away – even after having all my stuff stolen out of my car. Without my body having to process 1/2 lb of sugar a day, there is capacity to really see and feel the benefits of sugar free.

I’m always pleased to see what happens to people once they trust themselves to believe that the past doesn’t have to equal the future. Here are a few screen shots (names blurred for privacy) of challengers who are fully living into the unexpected surprises they found.

Early Benefits of Sugar Free

Benefits of Sugar Free - Hard Times

After 3 Weeks

Benefits of Sugar Free - Blood Pressure

One Year Later

Benefits of Sugar Free - One Year Later

The overwhelming sentiment from challengers? “This isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be and the benefits of sugar free far outweigh the difficulties.”

Few things are as difficult as they might appear. You see, our minds, specifically the reptile part of our brain, work hard to make us believe that any significant change isn’t going to work. It’s the fight or flight reflex and it’s ancient, scared, and above all – devoted to keeping you safe.

It has the ability to grab the steering wheel of your life and turn you away from something that the rest of your brain really wants.

  • A new workout routine?
  • A change of career?
  • A healthier body?
  • A new relationship to food?

All that stuff is the domain of other people. But you? That lizard brain will usually fight to keep you safe.

Don’t you believe it.

Our next challenge begins on the 1st of the month and you can join us – no payment required to get started.