Coach Louise

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKGAAAAJGRlNzQ1NzIxLWIyNTAtNDJlOS1iZDNjLTcyYzc4N2M5NDA1NA[1]There’s so much to take in when you start eating sugar free.

Here you get what you need in daily bite sized chunks and then there’s everything you’ve ever been told about food, articles in the press, recipes to browse, maybe you’ve done an internet search or read Barry’s book, I Love Me More Than Sugar.

On top of that your brain is sending you so many messages:

  • you have your why (hold on to that – you’ll want to refer to in as you go through the challenge)
  • there’s everything you know about yourself, how you tackle challenges best, what works for you in terms of rewards, what situations you find difficult
  • there’s the messages that your gut instinct and your lizard brain are telling you (you watched Video 1 – The Why explaining all those messages and why they can be contradictory didn’t you?)
  • there’s all the things you are learning about yourself each day as you hold yourself accountable, make mistakes, taste new things and start to enjoy this process

With all that information flying at you, you may just be feeling overwhelmed.

That’s where I come in. I could tell you that we’ve all been there, but in reality your process is unique and individual to you. What if we combine that individual process with lots of tried and tested methods, recipes, and ways of dealing with the different experiences which make up your journey? What if you could learn from the thousands of people who’ve been through this programme, yet still do it your way?

I’ve been helping people, teams and businesses get clarity and develop action plans since 2001 both in groups and one to one.

In 2013 I moved from the UK to Macau (the Portugese version of Hong Kong and the Chinese version of Las Vegas) to do just that on a construction mega project. In the humidity I started to put on weight even though my baseline exercise was tripled and my eating habits were better. My feet because so swollen that I had replace all my shoes and I had to stop wearing my Nanna’s engagement ring. My hips and back aches. My feet ached. I couldn’t sleep and was grumpy most of the time. I was missing out on the experiences of living abroad. According to the doctor (and several specialists / consultants) I didn’t have water retention, thyroid problems, diabetes or any of the many, many things they tested me for.

Early in 2013 I read a book about 30 day challenges and at the same time my doctor advised me to drink nothing but water and tea for a month. I saw results and realised that the biggest thing I had cut out was pop (soda). So I searched the internet and found this 30 30 Days Sugar Free challenge.

Within days my pain went away. I started sleeping and my husband was telling people that he had his wife back. I felt like a new person. I think it was day 10 when I went out for dinner and had my first experiment of being “accidentally sugared”. I woke up with what felt like an 8 pint hangover. I was sold. If I felt like that after just 10 days on the challenge I knew how bad sugar was for me.

I didn’t do the year of 30 day challenges that I had planned, but I took up pilates and boxing – finally finding exercise I loved at the age of 42. I picked up a pen and starting drawing for the first time in 25 years (I believed my memory of a school teacher telling me I couldn’t draw). I took a visual journaling course and started doing art based on my iPhone photos. All this while working 10 hour days and exploring a new country.

I had energy for the first time and a community which was keeping me accountable for the commitment I’d made – oh and a husband who liked me better when I had quit the white stuff.

So I get it. I know how hard it is when you have nothing in your cupboard, the challenges of eating out, and the joy of frozen banana chocolate ice cream.

As well as working behind the scenes on business process, you’ll find me in the facebook group and running webinars and coaching sessions. I’ll tend to focus on process and mindset and finding clarity to personalize the challenge for so it works for you.