Giving Up Sugar – A Crash Course in Self Care

(Note: We  recently asked members if they’d like to write a guest blog about their experience in living 30 Days Sugar Free. We’ll be sharing their posts from time to time.)

JenSummersSo… turns out it’s not as simple as just giving up the white stuff.

Because when you stop using sugar as a sticking plaster for whatever feeling you are feeling – it suddenly throws something into sharp relief… somewhere along the way you stopped looking after yourself.

Sad? Eat cookies. Tired? Eat cake. Lonely? Eat cereal. Scared? Toast and jam… and so on and so forth. And it wasn’t just masking difficult emotions – I would eat something sweet to celebrate and treat myself, too.

So suddenly in the brightly-lit no-sugar world you can no longer knee-jerk your way into the confectionary aisle. You have to do something else instead. You actually have to take care of yourself.

Sad? Take a bubble bath. Tired? Get to bed on time. Lonely? Plan something fun to do. Scared? Exercise and get the tension out.

In the last two weeks I have realised just how much I have blanked feelings with food and simply stopped looking after myself. Sweet stuff has been my quick-fix/no-fix solution. I wouldn’t dream of taking care of my loved ones this way. I would love, listen, nurture, and support instead.

It’s time I did the same for myself.

[hr_shadow]Jen Summers lives in the United Kingdom.

This wonderful sentence (from her website) sums up how she works with her clients: I want to help you be the real you and discover what you want in your life today. Not who you think you should be or what you wanted five years ago.

You can find out more about her life coaching services on her website.