Juggling BBQ Tools Saves Me Time

[If you’re a vegetarian, this post isn’t for you. I’ll do something special for you next week!]

There is a delicate balance we must reconcile if we are going to eat healthy, keep our jobs, spend time with our friends/family, and not go broke.

I recently discovered ButcherBox and have fallen in love with it. I also talked them into giving my readers a great deal on their first order.

While we don’t eat a ton of meat at my house, I find that this box gives my family and I enough organic and grass fed meat to last a month – and then the next box arrives.

Watch This Video for BBQ Utensil Juggling
and Info on Why ButcherBox is Our New Friend
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Why Grass Fed and Finished Meats?

If you know the facts about why you should eat grass fed (and finished) meat – there’s no turning back to conventional farmed and processed. It’s a totally different game.

You live close to a fine butcher and have access to grass fed and finished beef? If so – and you have the time to shop for it – stick with it! Shopping for fine meats, in my schedule and list of pleasurable tasks, comes in somewhere behind cleaning my shower tiles.

A Few of the Reasons Why Grass Fed / Finished Makes More Sense

  • Carotenoids and trace nutrients (antioxidants and nutrients). – This gives the fat it’s yellow color, which is a sign of higher nutrient density.
  • Saturated fat. – It’s a good thing! Roughly half of our cell membrane structure is composed of saturated fat and it’s a great source of energy. )
  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) – improves brain function, reduces risk of cancer, and promotes weight loss
  • Omega-3 fatty acids – most people eat too many Omega 6’s and not enough Omega 3’s which causes inflammation
  • B-Vitamins, Vitamin K, Vitamin E

Here’s the Deal I Worked Out for Fans of 30 Days Sugar Free

Until December 10th, 2016, ButcherBox will gift you:

  • $10 off your first order (available in the USA only)
  • Free Shipping right to your door (environmentally friendly packing, too!)
  • Two free Ribeye Steaks with your order

Give it a try. You are under no obligation to continue. However, you might just want to once you experience the quality and convenience of ButcherBox.