Ready to kick your sugar addiction to the curb for good?

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Aimee Jo Anderson

Your Sugar-Free BFF

I’m SO glad you made it here!

I'm guessing you're here because somewhere inside of you, you  believe sugar is a problem... and probably has been for quite some time now. I can totally relate!

You’re definitely in the right place if you’re ready to get the support and advice you need to break the sugar strangle-hold... without depriving yourself of delicious, tasty food or radically changing your dietary preferences.

I was searching for the missing key for decades, until I happened upon 30 Days Sugar Free.  And the key is in our byline:  The Simple Change That Shifts Everything. It's simple, but you'll have to put some work into it. Are you ready? Let me show you how simple it is to find the healthy, happy sweet spot for you to feel incredible in your own skin.

With the right support and advice, it's so much easier than you think to choose delicious food that makes you feel happy, energetic and nourished. I will be walking with you throughout your journey. Let's do this together! I'm excited for you!

Join me and 4,583 others who’ve kicked sugar to the curb the fun and easy way!

Does this sound like you?

Are you struggling with any of these:

  • You're overweight or obese
  • You've been given health warnings by your doctor
  • You don't sleep well at night
  • You're often depressed and eat to bury the feelings
  • Your skin looks a lot older than it is
  • You're tired of feeling swollen, bloated, or inflamed
  • You don't understand why you keep turning to sugar
  • You've tried many times to lose weight and eat healthy, but your old habits return

Do you have one or more of  these goals that seem impossible:

  • To hit your target weight and maintain it
  • To treat your body with respect and reap the benefits
  • To sleep easily and deeply at night
  • To stabilize your moods and energy throughout the day
  • To reduce wrinkles or acne and have healthy skin
  • To have control over what and when you eat
  • To love yourself and your body

Have you found that changing your eating habits while juggling work, play and the rest of your busy life is so much harder than you ever expected?

The advice of well-meaning friends and online sources isn’t working. And it’s stressful trying to do it on your own. Like so many people who want to make a fresh start, you’ve probably learned the hard way that having a strong desire to get off sugar coupled with a positive attitude are not enough. Not even close.

30 Days Sugar Free attracts people from all different walks of life and for all different reasons. Here are the most common reasons (and one that isn’t common – it’s just hilarious) we’ve heard from people who have done it:

  • Hoping it will help me lose weight
  • Feel what it’s like to be in control of my eating
  • Dared by a friend (who has friends this evil?)
  • To see how my diet affects the way I feel
  • My doctor recommended I cut back on junk food, so I went hog-wild
  • I heard it will make my skin look better
  • I get moody when I come off sugar and I’m intolerable!
  • I tried to quit for a day and it was really hard, so I’m going for a month

Here’s what we tell people – commit to it for 30 days. Do it or don’t! It’s a month and we are all adults here; you can do anything for a month, right?

This is 30 days to stop eating processed and refined sugar. That’s what YOU do…you stop. It really is that simple, but the results are dramatic and life-changing.

What WE do is…give you support, tips, what-to-expect, recipes, daily coaching, camaraderie, inspirational stories, and lots of hand holding.

This program is you gaining a whole lot of awareness about what goes into your mouth. It’s not changing everything in your life at once. You don’t have to start doing yoga (unless you want to) or give up any of your other divine sins.

We make no claims that upon conclusion you’ll be able to walk on water, hold the undivided attention of your peers, or command higher fees for your products or services.

What we do promise is you will feel differently. In a good way. That’s a guarantee.

It's so much easier than you think to choose delicious foods that makes you feel happy, energetic and nourished

It has been a huge blessing to me to have such a supportive and encouraging environment in which to rethink sugar. The benefits have been very worth it. I hope anyone considering doing a 30 day sugar free challenge will grab the gifts that you offer. Your authenticity and insights made this an experience I’ll never forget.

Heather Miller
Aptos, CA

Day 100 for me! In 100 days I have not had cookies, cake, candy, sweetened drinks, sweetened cereal or added sugar to anything. It has helped a lot with inflammation and I've lost eleven pounds.

Diane Tavarez Strain

It's all about everyday people like you—no matter your shape, size or fitness level—aiming to live your best life possible by choosing healthy eating

Does this sound like you?

  • You're fed up with being sick and tired
  • You've tried counting, measuring, weighing, dealing, and none of it has lasted
  • You pray that you can change your eating habits
  • You're willing to dedicate time and attention to conscious eating
  • A doctor has told you to eat better
  • You think, "I could never do 30 Days Sugar Free"
  • You're up for a fun, new challenge

This is not for you if:

  • You don't think sugar is a problem for you
  • You're looking for something simple to take off a few pounds
  • You aren't open to changing your habits
  • You're looking for a magic pill to instantly look and feel great
  • You dabble and can't commit to it
  • You aren't coachable. You know it all.

At last! A supportive, easy-to-follow 30-day PLAN created especially for busy people like you to break the hold sugar has on your life and reclaim the healthy, happy YOU waiting to break free!

Here’s what we will encourage you to do:

  • Stop eating anything that contains processed or refined sugar
  • Realize that the stuff is literally everywhere and you will need to redefine the relationship between your hand and your mouth
  • Continue to enjoy foods that have natural sugar such as fruit, vegetables, even a bit of good wine if you’re so inclined
  • Find substitutions for snacks – we’ll will give you plenty of help with this!
  • Be vigilant with yourself – there’s huge growth potential here.
  • Be awake to the subtle (and not so subtle) differences you notice – no part of your life, body, or mind is untouched by this challenge. Keep a notebook handy and use it.
  • Be cool – don’t force this on your partner or children. This is your Heroes Journey, don’t assume it makes sense to anyone else.

Here’s what you can expect from us. We will:

  • Send you a Daily Page of coaching in written and video format, sugar-free recipes, perhaps a prompt or two that you’ll contemplate and write about – we mix it up and keep it focused on your transformation.
  • Email you a few achievement badges along the way for you to proudly display on Facebook, emails, or anywhere
  • Give you access to our ever-growing library of interviews and articles
  • Connect you with an online community of others who are doing it right along with you! What happens in this group ranges from laugh-out-loud funny, to tearful and soul-bearing. It’s all welcome.
  • Virtually cheer you on

Oh, and one more thing...

We aren’t going to hunt you down or call you out if you cheat. This program is about support and encouragement. We are a shame-free zone and want you to know that if you fall off and want to climb back on, there will be a place for you.

So what’s stopping you?

It Worked for Them, But it Won't Work For Me Because... [INSERT A STORY YOU FIRMLY BELIEVE]

If that thought has ever crossed your mind (or if it is right now), welcome to the human experience. I can expound on the science of this, but I'll spare you and sum it up in one sentence.

This thought is the work of your LIZARD BRAIN - that ancient part of you that lives by fight or flight - and will do anything and everything to spare you from the risk of change.

There isn't a single alumni of this program who signed up with the inner-voice saying, "This is going to be simple!" Not one... I've asked!

What they did - and you will do - is find a way to BE WITH THAT CRITICAL VOICE AND MOVE BEYOND IT.

The daily coaching and support will work for you, but only if you believe it will and are willing to fight when the lizard brain is telling you to jump ship.

I Can't Do This Because I Cook For the Whole Family

Yes, this could be handled by Myth #1. The only reason I'm pulling it out as a standalone myth is because I hear it so often.

Convincing? Yes!

True? Never!

This is about you. This isn't dependent on anyone else changing their life, although they just might when they see what's happening to you.

Your eating becomes easier, not harder.

I'm a 50-something-year old wife and mother who does all of the cooking. When I went sugar free, there was no change for my family, although that excuse almost stopped me from committing to the program. My husband watched me eat sugar free and asked me to serve him the same meals I was eating. Radical!

And I've heard the same from hundreds of alumni. If anything, your fight or flight lizard brain knows that this is the ace-in-the-hole that could stop you from such a life-affirming change.

Are you going to yield to that, or are you going to model the possibility of change and self-improvement to your friends, your family, yourself?

30 Days Sugar Free? In my extremely competitive fashion I said “oh, I could easily do that” and without asking volunteered my husband Chris, too! Now committed, we ventured forth without much understanding of what would happen. To our amazement, 6 weeks later are still sugar-free!

Kelly & Chris Cox
Petaluma, CA

This challenge is so much more than just giving up sugar, it is really about how you want to live your life! I have struggled with compulsive overeating and food addiction all of my life. The coaching in this program gave me strategies to deal with this rather than just uncovering the reasons for why I do it. I feel like I have peeled away many layers of the onion in only 30 days!

Susan Fishman
Leadville, Colorado