Coach Michele

MicheleSmallI struggled with my weight all my life.  My parents sent me to “fat camp” when I was in 6th grade.  I went from 160 to 130.  In 9th grade, I was on a strict protein shake diet for 3 months.  I went from 190 to 160. All throughout high school I was well over 200.

I was always the “funny girl”.  The first one to poke fun at herself before someone else could.  In college, I went on a doctor supervised program and went from 260 to 180.  It didn’t last long.  I always went back to my old ways, which included an endless amount of sugar.

By the time I decided to have gastric bypass surgery in 2005, my weight had reached an astonishing 359.  One of the rules after surgery was NO SUGAR.  I couldn’t imagine life without sugar, but I knew that my health was in serious jeopardy. With a lot of hard work and dieting, I lost 200 pounds within the next year. But I still hadn’t hadn’t found it within myself to give up all processed and refined sugars.

MicheleBefore1February 24, 2012 I decided it was time – I decided to give up sugar for 30 days.  I felt so good that I decided to keep going.  Why would I want to go back to the “drug” that sends me on a downward spiral?

I’m so excited to be on this journey with my long time friend, Barry.  Although we started this endeavor for different reasons, we are on the same page when it comes to the results.  We want to spread the word about how amazing a sugar free life is and give support to anyone that wants to try it for a month!


When I’m not preaching the “sugar free gospel”, you can probably find me at the local yoga studio, planning a party for my company, Balloons With A Twist, or spending time with my dogs, French Fry and Fi’ty Cent.

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