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Peach Salsa

Yummm! Love this peach salsa. It goes great with lots of different dishes including as a topping for broiled white fish, in a salad, as a glaze for grilled chicken or port, and as a side, just by itself. It’s delicious!

Avocado Egg Scramble

Yummm! Here’s a quick and delicious egg dish that is perfect for breakfast, or anytime. It’s a creative and delicious spin of scrambled egg.

Baked Beans with Tomatoes

There something so “down home” about baked beans. This recipe is a slow cooking recipe that melds the flavors into a rich, delicious baked bean dish that the whole family will love.

Bacon and Cheese Breadsticks

These are quick breadsticks that have a punch of flavor that keeps them coming back for more. You can make these with a traditional bread mix, or you can use a gluten-free bread mix like Chebe Garlic Onion Breadstick Mix.