Sugar Free Kept Me Calm

Our school district has a Fall Break each year and we typically pack up the car and go play for a week.

Lake Tahoe. San Diego. Mexico. Camping in the Sierra mountains. It’s a great chance to get away while the rest of the world is still living ‘real life’.

This time we went to San Francisco and other cities along the coast.  But the first day, something funky happened.

subaru1We came back from a fun lunch in Japan Town and found our car with the window smashed out.

Both our laptops were gone, along with our beautiful Canon Camera. Also our son’s duffel bag with his clothes for the week.

Stuff. Just stuff.

When Bad Things Happen

It happens to all of us. There’s no going back. The stuff is gone and all that’s left to do is decide how you want to move forward.

It was what I honestly consider our son’s first wound. His first personal experience that the world isn’t always good. At 14, I think he had a pretty good run!

My wife and I stayed really calm. With each new reveal (photos on the camera card, favorite coat in his luggage, my laptop files that weren’t backed up, etc) we just took a breath and let it go.

And I Know What This Would Have Been Like on Sugar

The inner calm that comes from 30 Days Sugar Free is an understated benefit that I see challengers discover even during their first week. It’s something I’d never want to be without again.

While the weight loss, smoother skin, healthier blood pressure, improved sleep are nice, it’s on a moment-by-moment basis that I recognize the calm that comes from a diet free of added sugar.


So we licked our wounds for a few mins, and then carried on with the trip.

We played in the beauty of  coastal paradise where we took pictures with our phones, and I missed writing a few important emails from the most beautiful balcony view in Bodega Bay.

Know that you always have a choice in how you respond after something bad happens.

“Reacting is a reflex. Responding is a choice.” – Dr. Bob Baker

That’s a powerful little quote that’s worth another read.

We begin another 30 Days Sugar Free challenge on November 1st.

Click here to join with no payment required.

I can’t wait to hear about how that inner calm looks and feels on you.



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