One Choice at a Time

This morning a woman asked me how to give up sugar.

She looked tired, about 50 lbs overweight, had wrinkles all over her face, and dark circles under her eyes.

I knew right away that it would have been easier for her to *not* ask me, but she stepped right over that fear.

“The best way to give up sugar,” I told her, “is one choice at a time.

She told me that sounded too simple and that there must be more to it.

I offered her one simple action step:

Choose to Pass

I just bumped into her between activities and she pulled me aside.

“I did it! I’ve done it twice, in fact. A piece of chocolate cake and a Coke and I feel stronger than I have in decades. It really wasn’t any harder than making the choice!”

She was lit up like a billboard in Times Square. I tried to picture her from about 3 hours earlier and it was hard to imagine this was the same person.

One woman. One choice. One transformation.

I just stepped into my room to write this. I never want to forget that interaction. It reminds me of why I run these monthly challenges, how simple it is to give up sugar when it’s one choice at a time, and how of much power we hold in each moment of choice.

What is a choice you made that had a rapid and powerful affect on you? Comment below – I’d love to read about it.