Here are a few testimonials that were offered when we asked alumni what they might say to someone that was considering 30 Days Sugar Free.

I am always leery of programs over the internet – especially when there is money involved.

My problem is Fibromyalgia that has aggravated me for years. From many Christmas holidays of being sick and in bed by 6 p.m. with the awful flu-like symptoms, I knew that sugar was a key trigger. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis. For years, everyday has been spent with aching and soreness. But even with all that suffering, I just didn’t know if or how I could give up the sweets that I loved so much!

I can honestly say I am absolutely amazed. 30 days & no more aching body! Seriously, this is the first time in years that I wake up with not an ache or pain. What I wrote on our Facebook Group is so true, “There is nothing that tastes as good as being pain free feels!”

–Bonnie Newnam, Piqua, OH

The 30 Day Sugar Free progam is one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever had.

What I thought going into this was that I was going to stop eating sugar for 30 days. Period. But, what a surprise. The far-reaching extent of this program affected my sleep, anxiety, weight, skin, and overall sense of well-being.

It wasn’t just going off sugar. It was a re-examination of who I want to be and how I want to live in this world. Thank you for this amazing program.

–Annie Keeling, Nevada City, CA

When I found the 30 Days Sugar Free program, I felt it could have been written just for me. A true addict for 40+ years I didn’t realize the extent sugar was harming me, except for the numerous cavities it caused. I was curious to see what this program had to offer as my attempts to quit sugar had all failed miserably.

I found the coaching, daily emails, and wonderful community of like minded people was exactly what I needed to get over the toughest spots.  I especially liked how the coaches reinforced positive support rather than shame. The ideas and assignments kept me on track and I looked forward to them every day.

The results I had using this program were amazing! I completely stopped eating sugar, lost weight, and best of all had energy I haven’t felt in years. I realize now how much healthier I eat now, thanks to re-calibrated taste buds.

For me the benefits of not eating sugar far outweighed the challenges I worked through mentally and physically during the 30 days ……and counting!

–Marie Jensen, Oakland, CA

The group has been key to my success. Many times I was ready to give it up, but coming here and reading others’ struggles/successes helped me keep going. I have now reached a weight I never thought I would see again – one I thought was “hopeless”, it’s AMAZING!

There really are no words to thank Barry and Michele for this opportunity. It goes so beyond “just” getting rid of processed/refined sugar. It’s a little bit scary (in a good way!) how something (while somewhat difficult to do) so simple did to transform my life. It’s like I’ve been injected with Superhero venom. I can do ANYTHING and do it well. So, while they are totally inadequate words… thank you.

–Mariella Kruger, Palmer, AK

I had no idea that my world would be rocked! This challenge is so much more than just giving up sugar, it is really about how you want to live your life!

I have struggled with compulsive overeating and food addiction all of my life.  The coaching in this program gave me strategies to deal with this rather than just uncovering the reasons for why I do it.  I now have many of the quotes memorized and new things open up for me every day.  I feel like I have peeled away many layers of the onion in only 30 days!

Thanks Barry and Michele for this gift of living a new life!

–Susan Fishman, Leadville, Colorado

30 Days Sugar Free? In my extremely competitive fashion I said “oh, I could easily do that” and without asking volunteered my husband Chris too! Now committed, we ventured forth without much understanding of what would happen. To our amazement 6 weeks later are still sugarless.

Barry and Michele have created such a well rounded extraordinarily supportive site; one that speaks to you, literally, and one that collectively shares and feels the struggles and breakthroughs of all of its participants.  We shared recipes, words, encouragement and there was never a feeling of “failure”; rather an ongoing journey battling the same need to kick a bad habit.

Chris and I found so many ways to eat differently than we had been.  I began eating more fruit and reading labels and never felt robbed of anything, just looked for ways to enjoy food a little differently. The hardest thing for Chris was ice cream and cookies, but bananas and raisins are a great substitute, and raspberries for me!.. So many of my friends and colleagues have started going sugar free… many unwilling to commit at this time to a month; but it’s incredible to see how many people really want to get away from sugar and just need a little help and support.  This is the place to do it.

Thank you Barry and Michele for your insight, time and incredible dedication to make a fantastic idea come true!

–Kelly and Chris Cox, Petaluma, CA

Sugar had become such an addiction for me that at the end of day, I began saving room at dinner for my dessert later. I never got my treat before 8:30 PM so I would watch the clock while watching TV, waiting for the time. Then the delight and joy would be with me and all was right with the world. OMG…I could not go all evening without that wonderfully cold, sweet ice cream treat. Sometimes alone, sometimes on cake, or pie, or mixed with peaches or in a cherry coke float with chocolate syrup and always with whipped cream.

Barry and Michele began to educate us first on “where to find sugar” and as we quickly learned – it was everywhere and in everything. No sweet talk, just honest open facts about how tough this was going to be and they were here to help. We learned about sugar, and they learned about how needy the group would be! With their patience and understanding, we got our concerns addressed and questions answered. We even had the “potato talk”.

I know that I could not have done this without guidance and support from these wonderful leaders and the network group. I even managed to drive past my favorite milk shake store without stopping. TWICE!! I am forever grateful for finding this group and getting free of my addiction.

–Sara Bertran, Florida

Thank you so much, Barry and Michele. You both have very ideal temperaments and life circumstances for encouraging others in this journey. I so appreciate all the work that went into the program.

It has been a huge blessing to me to have such a supportive and encouraging environment in which to rethink sugar. The benefits have been very worth it. I hope anyone considering doing a 30 day sugar free challenge will grab the gifts that you two offer. Your authenticity and insights made this an experience I’ll never forget. Take care and love to you both.

–Heather Miller, Aptos, CA

I found the program because Facebook is “smart” in suggesting pages based on your search habits. I had been researching alternative treatments for cancer.

Long story short: I found Barry and Michelle’s group, joined, and am now 60 days later… Here we all are. Sugar free! CANCER FREE!

At first, I’ll be honest, it sucked! Then the “non-sugar fog” lifted and with it my mood was lifted as well. My energy levels: through the ROOF! I’m sleeping better. I’ve lost weight AND inches. I’ve learned so much from Barry, Michelle, and the other people in the group. Once you’re in, you’re IN! For however long you want to stay.

Now, doesn’t that sound nice? Gentle, kind, caring, compassionate, non-judgmental people all rallying around you as you rally around them.

What would I say to someone just thinking of doing the program? JUST DO IT! ;)

–Ericka Soto, Houston, TX

I just can’t say it enough – this program has truly changed my life. 72 days sugar free and I am 14 lbs. down. I feel so much better, almost completely pain free.

Maybe…. just maybe, I will be able to do triathlons again. Before this program this was the furthest thing from my mind. Now I have hope.

Thanks again Barry and Michele for creating this program. I feel like it was made just for me.

–Monique Kham, New Iberia, LA

Life changing. Life saving. Life altering…pretty strong words for just 44 days into the “program” but they can’t be more true.

I never imagined there would be so much support offered by Barry and Michele…I woke up every morning anxious to hear and read the words of encouragement, and I listen and read again here during my 2nd 30 days.

Then there is the private Facebook group…my lifeline! I never dreamed I would have so many “comrades in arms” I have never met supporting me in this journey. I can’t wait to get online and see what everyone has to say. Having Barry and Michele right in there posting comments and feedback is just amazing to me…means a lot to me and I’m sure everyone else as well. Definitely gives it the personal touch.

After 30+ days sugar free I can honestly say I am not the same person…I feel more in control, feel better physically, am down 12 lbs, and I made brownies and fudge (loaded with sugar) for the kids today and did just fine. A year ago I would have licked the bowls clean and washed it down with a Pepsi (ugh)!

I’ve been struggling the last few days trying to put emotions in to words…Thank you Barry and Michele, from the bottom of my sugar free heart!!

–Linda Durland, Yuma, CO

30 days sugar free? Why on earth would anyone do that? I don’t eat THAT much sugar, it’s not really a problem, what difference could it possibly make? So went the monologue in my head, until, well until I tried it.

I have become more conscious, more aware , more in tune with my eating than ever before. 30 days sugar free led me to 30 days of better nutrition, better control over cravings, better sleep, better balance and a better understanding of the power that sugar holds… Even in small but regular doses.

Thank you for the journey Barry and Michele. Thank you for your companionship along the way Facebook Support Group.

–Harriet Fain-Tvedt, Orange County, CA