On Thanksgiving – Take Responsibility for Everything

Of course this is in addition to being grateful – certainly not a substitute!

The idea is, while you’re away from work, enjoying some down time, taking inventory on all that you are grateful for in your life, take a few moments  and see what you are willing to take responsibility for, too.

It’s a powerful exercise that puts control of your future squarely where it belongs – in your hands.

Taking responsibility for your health, your relationships, your job, your time means you can create more of what you want, and dispose of what’s not serving you.

Take This Morning for Instance

A one-minute video of me taking responsibility for my daily exercise.

A Quick Routine for Taking Responsibility

  1. Ask Yourself – What’s something annoying or damaging that you have blamed on someone or something else?
  2. Answer This Question: Is giving away the responsibility for this taking away my power to change/fix it? In other words, ‘do I feel stuck?’
  3. If Not – Take responsibility and then change/fix it!
  4. If So 
    1. Decide on some part of it (big or small) that you can take responsibility for.
    2. Check in with yourself: Is there more I can take responsibility for.
    3. Continue taking responsibility for pieces of it until you own it all.
    4. Change/fix it!

This might take some practice. It’s powerful work and well worth the effort.

Once you accept that, ultimately, you are responsible for yourself on every level, the small stuff just fades away.

Like running in the rain… it’s what I’m taking responsibility for and I’m very grateful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in America.

To everyone else, Happy Thursday!