Top 10 Mindset Tips

Mindset is BIG in this program. Congratulate yourself on a great decision to give your time and attention to this page.

We'll keep this quick. These are more like seeds we are going to plant and let them blossom throughout the 30 Days Sugar Free.

In our survey, 90% said they wanted daily support through written and video content

85% said they are doing this program to lose weight... awesome!

50% said 'Snacks' would be their most challenging change to their daily routine

In this program we'll remove processed and refined sugars. We'll talk about the potatoes later.

Have a friend or two that wants to see you win? Tell them what you're doing! They don't have to be doing the program. This is about choosing a few people to 'have your back' during the challenge.

A journey worth living is a journey worth recording. A lot will come up. Write it down. You are going to be writing a best-selling book that is just for you. It will be there to help you in the hard times. 

Substitutions are Your Friend - M&Ms become almonds. Coke becomes soda water. Cookies become apples. Get it? A lot more on this in the program.

Onward. We don't harp on what's happened. There is plenty to learn from any slips and we have you covered in the program.

Enroll Others to Do it With You! - Is there someone you can think of that would be up for this challenge? You'll have both local and global support - and that can't hurt! They'll thank you at the end of the month.

Packing Up for the Trip - We suggest swabbing the deck of all foods with sugar. Clean slate. Do this to whatever extent is possible. Don't get kicked out of the house!

The Facebook Group is your 911 Emergency Plan for Support. Someone is always around.

Access the starter shopping list from your Membership Dashboard. Make it yours and then hit the store.

Over the next two days, eliminate one or two hits of sugar each day that you would have otherwise eaten. Notice what it feels like to make that choice. Empowering? Easy? Write down what comes up for you.