Believing Old Stories About Yourself

Stop believing old stories about yourself. Your kids aren't you.

After 14+ years as a parent, I had a groundbreaking realization that is touching every corner of my life. This awareness gives me a new lens on my past, and will change my future. I stopped believing old stories about myself.

And this morning I woke up convinced that there is something in it for you, too.

Stop believing old stories about yourself. Your kids aren't you.My son asked me if he could go with with his friends to a G-EAZY & LOGIC concert that was happening an hour away.

I’d never heard those names before, but the flares in my brain went off and all I saw was a world of trouble.

Why? Because when I was 14 and went to a rock concert, my friends and I planned the trouble in advance. Staying out later than I said I would – and a slew of illegalities which I’ll stop short of listing – were par for the course in my teenage years. It was why we went to concerts.

And Then I Had the Realization

I've stopped believing old stories about myself - because my son is an individual.

I looked at this young man who:

  • Is a leader in his community
  • Has more A’s on any report card than I saw on all of mine combined
  • Earns money by performing his own comedy/juggling/unicycle shows
  • Wins recognition awards at every camp he attends
  • Looks adults in the eyes during conversations
  • And more… but I’ll stop before it gets obnoxious

It was a lightning bolt that came down and zapped me out of my story:

He is not me at 14 and I was about to answer him as if he was.

 How This Relates to Sugar Free

What is your sugar story? Are there places in your life where you make decisions based on old stories about your:

  • Abilities
  • Desires
  • Family situation
  • Stress
  • Fears
  • Behavior
  • Social status
  • Authority figures

You’ve come to this blog because in a moment of clarity you entertained the possibility of a different relationship with added sugar.

After writing about this topic for more than 4 years, appearing on over 25 television shows, writing a bestselling book, and coaching thousands of people through the challenge, I have a pretty good idea what happened to you next.

You Started Believing Old Stories About Yourself

It’s exciting to imagine all the positive change you’ll experience during a 30 Days Sugar Free challenge:

  • Weight loss
  • Clearer skin
  • Less anxieties
  • More energy
  • Renewed sense of taste
  • Deeper sleep
  • So much more…

It might feel impossible to reconcile all of that with the old stories that still have a big voice in your decision-making process.

Come Clean With Yourself and Others

The old stories only have power over us if we keep them secret. Once we shine light on the bacteria that they are – they recoil. Do it often enough and they’ll eventually die.

I pulled my son aside after my realization. I told him that I had been projecting a 14-year old version of myself onto him. I said that I wanted him to be on the lookout for this and challenge me on it if he sensed it happening again.

And I told him to go have fun at that concert.

The Next Challenge Begins on on the first of the month and I am hereby inviting you to stop believing old stories and honor the voice that once-upon-a-time imagined the life transformation that comes along with this challenge.

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Click here to see a screenshot of a recent challenger sharing what happened when she got away from her old stories and jumped in. Warning – I cried when I read this.